WOW! Another long term ahead of us all.
*Topic:Our pod will be studying 'Colour' and T1 will also be looking a little bit at 'Light' also.

*Story Writing:Our pod will be studying 'Poetry' as a writing style. T1 will be beginning with writing using 'Similes' again but we will be reading a lot of different styles of Poetry (basic)for exposure.

One of our poems we read this term was 'Alligator Talk' by Jill Eggleton.Look at our Alligator Talk art.

Recount Story Writing:Writing about a familiar event or experience.

Holiday Stories:

Weekend Stories:

Various Stories:

*Maths:Our topics for the first few weeks are:* Measurement: Time:Days of the week, Months of the year, clocks - o'clock times

* Statistics:Reading simple picture and bar graphs.Making a simple picture and bar graph for familiar objects (ie What kinds of shoes did we wear to school? What colour shoes? What are we having for lunch?)
Making a class 'tally' chart.

*PE and Fitness:Jump JamFor the month of May, all Pods are to learn different songs and moves from the Jump Jam series #4, as well as practice other songs for variety. At the end of May, all Pods will join and partake in a School-wide Jump Jam session and parents are invited.

Look at our photos of our school-wide Jump Jam afternoon!

DuathlonFor the month of June, children will be jogging, walking or running daily and also bringing somethingwith wheels like a bike, roller skates, scooters...they can share or have relays.At the end of June, all Pods will join and partake in a School-wide Duathlon.