Yes we finally had our Art and Craft day, Wednesday 2nd November. Our children completed most of their art pieces last term, starting Week 1 with the more involved work, and we finished our last piece in Week 10! We only had 6 pieces to display, but these were done over time with the easiest art pieces only being completed in the last part of Term 3. Only a handful of children finished this last piece in Week 1 of Term 4. Our pieces included:

*Paper Mache Bumble-bees.
*Paper Mache leaves with Pom-Pom Caterpillars.
*Indian Ink trees on blue background.

*Red Dye Poppies with Indian Ink.
*Observational Pencil drawings of various insects throughout the term.
I displayed all their art in a Garden Scene in T3 (as I do every year). In the background is a cat 'observing' the scene around it!
T1 Art and Craft flower day. on PhotoPeach
Have a look at our wall dispay.