Welcome to our 'Art Page' where we show you how we did some of our art work we did as part of our Kindy Visits, Reading activities, Story publishings and Topic related art.

*Please note that some of this art is quick and simple art that can be done in a 30 - 45 minute session and usually related to a reading or literacy topic, that we used with our Pre-School or Kindy visitors (hence the photocopied templates - sorry Kindy Teachers, I can hear you all 'sighing' as you arethinking 'what about skills and doing art themselves?'. These activities are time-based and are chosen because they are quick and our little-ones can take a 'souveneir' back to Kindy with them). 

Bears Galore!
What they look like when you finish!


The things you will need. *Click on the doc link below to get a very basic template of the bear's limbs and other parts.

What you else you will need...! Paper saucer, photocopied templates (link above), stapler/staples,crayons, glue
What the children will do....!1. Colour all the parts you will need to cut out later - eyes, nose, mouth, limbs, plate and body.2. Cut out and glue the Bear's eyes and other parts onto the plate.3. Fold the A3 photocopied 'tummy' before you cut on the outer-solid black line.4. Keep the tummy folded and then staple up along both sides of the tummy but leave the top of the tummy (this will be the long side) open so you can stuff in paper rubbish. Don't over-fill otherwise this tummy will not staple shut nicely.5. Staple the last part of the tummy shut.6. Staple or glue on the legs and the head up the top.

Greedy Cat!Greedy_Cat.JPGBrandon's_cat_story.jpgWhat they look like when you finish.


The things you will need :)*Click on the doc link below to print out the basic body and limbs templates. They do not look like the template in the picture above on the left (I will scan these and upload them later!).

What else you will need...!Paper saucer, coloured paper for eyes, nose, mouth, whiskers, ears, Photocopied template (the link above)glue, staples/stapler, crayons

What the children will do....!1. Colour all parts in including the paper saucer.2. Cut out all limbs and body but don't throw away the paper rubbish.3. When you cut out the body, please keep the A3 paper folded in half so you can begin cutting on the black line at the fold and finish cutting at the middle on the fold.4. Like the bear, staple up along both sides of the body but leave the top open so you can stuff it with the paper rubbish left over.5. Stuff the body and then close by stapling the remainder of the body. Do not over-stuff the body. 6. Staple on the legs, the tail.

The Head:1. The children cut out the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and whiskers for the cat's head.2. Attach the cat's head to the body.
We also used these cat bodies as part of our 'Descriptive Writing Stories'