These are  links I believe Parents and Guardianscould 'check out'. I hope you will take the time to have a 'peep' and let me know 'What you think!'.*Our very own Peak-ICT site created by Whaea Jeanette informing teachers and parentsabout 'What our children are doing?' when they are with Whaea Jeanette in the ICT roomas part of the e-Learners class. She is contracted to help 4 other schools in Kawerauwith their Inquiry Learning and ICT/Tech Info.*Barbara Bann literacy leader and facilitator for Pre-School and NE Literacy skills and Knowledge - the 'Building Blocks to Literacy'.* has activities, information and other funthings for children of all ages to have a 'go' at.*Studyladder is a site with specific activities for children to practise skillsalready being practised in class. Our class has already been enrolled with theStudyladder site and have their passwords ready-to-go. Look in your child's homeworkbook next time on the front cover for your child's password. When you 'log-in' on the site, activities have already been chosen for your childto practise. Please let me know how these activities are for your child, as I chosea range of activities for our class in general rather then individual chilren.

:)*Practise maths skills and knowledge through a range of fun activities and games! :)