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Why Lester and Clyde?
Lester and Clyde is an old favourite story by James H. Reece, about two frogs living lifein a pristine environment untouched by humans. As the story progresses, the story becomescentred around pollution in our waterwaysand how humans have not looked after our naturalenvironments.

I felt this topic would be ideal as news of the Cargo ship Rena, shocked New Zealandersas it became stuck fast outside the port of Tauranga. A few weeks later, we are still waiting forRena to have the oil leaking from her stopped,to have what cargo is left is rescued from her and the ship itself,rescued and towed to safety.

Unit Plan

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*KidZone Frogshttp://www.kidzone.ws/lw/frogs/

*Frogs - List of Websites to visithttp://webtech.kennesaw.edu/jcheek3/frogs.htm

Pictures of Frogs

Life Cycle of a Frog by Bridget Salas.Images from Google.net.

A cute clip showing the life cycle of a frog.

Green and Golden Bell Frog, NZ

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The Little Green Frog by Pamela Sunshine

Rena Disaster!!!