We use these YouTube clips to help us remember our numbers and we enjoy singing the songs too!

10 Little Numbers

Numbers 1 to 10

Numbears Count to 11

Count and Move - by Super Simple Songs

10 in a bed - by Kidstv123 (A. J. Jenkins)

5 Little Ducks

The Alligator King (Sesame Street for the Number 7)

8 Balls of Fur (Sesame Street for he Number 8)

My Martian (Sesame Street for the Number 9)

10 Petals and a Butterfly(Sesame Street)

LadyBug Picnic (Sesame Street for the Number 12)

Doubles from 1 (Thank you The Kim Possible class!)

Doubles from 6 to 10.

Flash Cards - What number is this?(Identify groups to 10)

Adding to make 10

100 Song