Click on... The official Rugby World Cup site to go to this site.We won't forget our All Black team!

T1 is supporting the rugby team from Georgia!T2 is supporting the rugby team from Canada!T3 is supporting the rugby team from Italy!T1 has learnt so far...

*The country flag is red and white - it looks like England's flagbut we have 4 extra little crosses!

Georgia flag borrowed from the net.

*Georgia is only a little country and was once part of Russia(we learnt to say Russia like Rar-shee-a).


*Rugby was introduced to Georgia in 1950 (a long, long time ago) butGeorgia is still not very good at playing rugby so they will need allthe support they can get!

*Check out our class pictures from our Rugby Day (Friday 09.09.11).

*We also listened to the Georgian national anthem:

Another Haka to finish off this page...Meet the Gingerbread Men!